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Thread: MP3 Player Owners Thieves?

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    MP3 Player owners are "thieves", according to Universal Music CEO, Doug Morris. Morris was discussing Microsoft's recent attempt to buy its way into the music industry by paying a $1 per unit royalty on Zune players sold.

    The music boss revealed that he had insisted on such a royalty in order to include Universal's music catalogue on the Zune marketplace. "These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it," Morris said. "It's time to get paid for it," he added, according to Billboard.

    News source for Macworld UK
    Seriously, what a burn to customers.

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    My next music/video player will be an ipod. I really wanted to see something BETTER from M$, but I guess they are too worried about piracy than making a good player. Apple wins (again) - M$ loses.


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