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Thread: Mind teh Gap message on UKNova

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    Trying to log into UKNova and get the message:

    This message is brought to you by the London Underground:

    Your webpage is delayed due to a signal failure at Kings Cross!
    Please be advised that service will be resumed shortly.

    Mind the gap!

    Can't find it on Google.

    Anybody any idea what is going on?

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    ghurka's Avatar Welsh Bhoy BT Rep: +5
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    Aug 2003
    It's just their way of letting you know that there's a high server load. Just leave it and try again in a few minutes. I've just got in so the site's ok.

  4. BitTorrent   -   #3
    Thanks M8
    I realised it must be their "amusing" variation on the high server load message immediately after I'd thought "Oh my God it's a virus" and ran my checkers.
    Panic over.

    Very witty.


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