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Thread: Project Magenta

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    Oct 2006
    I can't seem to find this software anywhere on the internet, and it's driving me crazy. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a tracker (or something else, for that matter) where I could download this software.

    Project Magenta is related to flight simulation and the use of multiple monitors at the same time, for those interested -

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Aug 2006

    Install Emule and search with global search (searches on All servers in your server list) and KAD search. (choose a server with a low ping value and connect to KAD in KAD tab)

    I have found some Project megenta rar files on this network. Maybe these are the ones you are looking for.

    I am curious if you succeeded
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    Just checked public torrents, irc, ftp indexer, and even a search engine. No luck.

    You could get lucky with the search site

    it crawls through the net for people posting files (links) in forums. I've found a lot of stuff with it.
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