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Thread: Site Ripper - can anyone rip .cfm

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    I am trying to rip a site however the pages are not .html or .htm. All of the pages I want are .cfm. If you want the website I can post it I just didnt know if thats allowed or not. I havent found a website ripper that can do this yet so I was wondering if anyone out there knew something to help me rip this type of page. My ultimate goal is to rip the site and make it into an iSilo file, .pdb, however thats only if I can rip this site first...

    Any suggestions?

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    Here is the website

    I guess no one can rip it...

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    Technically you can save one page at a time. But...

    All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or
    in part without permission is prohibited.

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    try offline explorer from metaproducts


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