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Thread: Cant Get A Film To Play

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    if this as been posted before then please for give me
    ok i have just downloaded matrex reload when i try to play it nothing happens all the other films play i have had from kazaa its says i need a player for avi files
    the players i have are media 9 power dvd and dvix but nothing happens any idears would be great

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    the message i am geting is
    video data FOURCC code "0"
    you may need to install a new video codec on your pc to watch this vidieo
    can anyone tell where i can get this and what do i need

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    try downloading K-Lite Codec pack
    My sig has been pwnd by some h4x0r!

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    thanks for that Hellfire

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    tried the code pack still no joy

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    I had the same problem until I unistalled the codec pack. Then tried to play it again in wmp9 and the codec was automatically downloaded and it worked. I re-installed the codec pack afterwards and everything is fine.


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