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Thread: Who Has The Rip Of Rayman3?

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    has anyone the rip of rayman3??

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    Apr 2003
    I found it on eMule.

    Search for:


    I then had to make my own .cue files.

    Sample filename for the CD1 .cue:


    Inside the .cue file is the following:
    FILE "Rayman_3_Hoodlum_Havoc-FLT.CD1.DonkeyNL.ShareReactor.bin" BINARY
     *TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
     * *INDEX 01 00:00:00
    I then made the other two .cue files in the same way.

    Once all done... I opened each .cue file with Nero and burned the CDs.

    After the installation...
    On the CD1 there is a folder named "Crack". Inside is a cracked version of the rayman.exe file that you copy over to the installation directory to overwrite to original.

    You may be lucky and not have to make the .cue files as I did. I am sharing those .cue files too. If you can't find then just make them. It's not hard.

    Edited to add: There is already another thread in the verifieds about this. Look here:

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    thanks, but is there not a rip, because the files are so big!


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