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Thread: For Application Development Ubuntu or Fedora

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    For Application Development Ubuntu or Fedora? and why?

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    Ubuntu is a little more difficult to copy with, than fedora.I have used fedora in the past and i got everything i needed for my development needs.I even found a pic programmer.No simulator though.Only programmer.

    My point is search what IDEs,programs etc you would like to use and see if they are supported by Fedora or Ubuntu,then you will know what to install.

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    what kind of programming ? if you mean gui-programming I can recommend QT with any KDE -distro

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    Fedora is made to do everything, so the DVD-ISO has everything, the install screen even has a programming tick box, Ubuntu is designed as a desktop, so does not, and would need libs downloading, which if your new to Linux would probably put you off.

    Take the extra time to download fedora, is my honest opinion.

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    Indeed for ubuntu going to the add/remove menu and installing from a huge range of programming tools is beyond the abilty of most people who want to try their hand at programming.

    also it installs all necessary libaries. suppose i install kdevelope which is meant for kde not gnome then it will install all necessary dependencies like QT for me automatically.

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    It's really just a matter of preference. Either one would be simple enough to just download the necessary lib packages. If you want to start with more packages than are on the installation CD of ubuntu, try getting the installation DVD.

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    I would go with Fedora because I dislike Ubuntu, but there is probably not going to be much of a difference for application development. I really like Slackware for application development though.

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    I would go with fedora because it has so many technical supporting team . and all the rpm works great on it .


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