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Thread: Irc Question: Why Not Just Share The Bin

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    For movie files wouldn't it be more convient for irc bots to share the bins instead of rars? I must've downloaded to date in the past 30 days 3 films over 500mb's with a friggin corrupted archive. i still have them and will message the bots about par files but yeah why not share either the bins or the staight up mpeg/avi etc? At least if you don't complete you could at least watch some of what you were downloading. Would they be harder to tranfer than the rar? Seems it doesn't matter what the file is it will transfer fast or slow based on connection speed.

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    bins./cues, or rars, they can all be corrupt, dont matter what it is...

    btw, the reason most stuff on irc is rars, is cuz thats how groups release them, in rars, for the most part, makes it easier, and rars are mainly used on newsgroups, just the standard... makes it easier to get incompletes, or get corrupted archives that fail, u can just that specific rar file that is bad

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    Most corupt .rar files can be fixed easy.
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    I can accept that reasoning and just learned of smartpar and will be imploying it for corrupted rars.

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    Originally posted by slick nick@21 May 2003 - 23:51
    I can accept that reasoning and just learned of smartpar and will be imploying it for corrupted rars.
    Good plan. SmartPAR is used for newsgroups all the time, because most newsgroup servers don't have good retention. This leads to lots of people requesting a "re-post" of files that they missed. So instead of reposting 1 or 2 files, the PAR files can be used to reconstuct the missing RAR volumes, leaving you with a complete set. Pretty cool eh? B)
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