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Thread: Starcraft/Broodwar

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    What's the latest version of these two games?

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    They still haven't fixed the hydralisk stacking glitch.
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    1.14, stopped playing because I got addicted to pangya (lol)!

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    ah yudisan you will come back... starcraft is just one of those games that never gets old. i mean, you can overplay it, get tired of it and stop for a year, then come right back. it's truly a classic. part especially never gets old

    and yudisan, what's pangya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedler View Post


    They still haven't fixed the hydralisk stacking glitch.
    What makes 1.14 stand out, other than the upgraded icon XD

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    I hope Starcraft 2 will come a day or another.
    Blizzard are known to delay games a lot.


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    Doubtfull, but not impossible

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    Actually just started playing this again in the last few days. I hadn't heard anything about a Starcraft 2. Is this something that Blizzard has mentioned, or is it optimistic speculation on our part?

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