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Thread: 2 Gta Vc Problems!

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    I DLed the RIP of Vice City;
    When I go into Vice City, and set controls, I and am sure that no controls are UNBOUND, yet, it says: 'please make sure all controls are set'

    they are all bound;

    then, when I go ingame, I can move in all 4 directions, but I cant go forward or backward when im in a car;

    I ran unpak.bat and waited till it said 'finished enjoy another fine rip'
    then I clicked YES when it asked me to setup registry;

    also, when I go into the game, I can hear sounds, like cars whizzing by, but it is all lo-pitched and glitchy-sounding;

    does this have anything to to with that gtavc fix file that I DLed ?
    Should I run the unpak.bat in that fix file instead?

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    I don't know about your moving problem but the bad sound may because they reduced quality in the rip?

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    Is this rip on kazza?

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    where u get the rip?


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