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Thread: Increasing the Download Speed of a Torrent

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    Hi Freinds !

    I'm using Bitcomet 0.70 and I just wanted to request you to kindly advice on how can I increase the speed of my Downloads.

    I had read somewhere that the Download Rate is proportional to the Upload rate and hence I have kept my Global Max Upload Rate as - 40kB/s - Am I doing it wrong here ? if yes then what should be the ideal value that I should keep to maximise my download speed.

    I usuall get only a speed of 20 - 25 kB/s (Download) or even lesser - I find that before I download a file file, I have uploaded even more than the whole file size !!! I dont have any problems in uploading - I believe that its ethics to upload ater downloading a file, but atleast I should get the file completely first - sorry if I'm wrong here...

    Should I use a different software to increase my speed ?

    Kindly help me...

    Thanks and Regards

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    i dont know if this will help or not, but on utorrent, i continually tweaked my settings and nothing ever changed. i always maxed out at the same speeds, upload and download. it depends much more on your connection than your client

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    Use Utorrent..most sites have banned BITCOMET

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaAlba View Post
    Use Utorrent..most sites have banned BITCOMET
    Yep exactly.

    In reguard to settings. The proper speed settings in my opinion would be to set your clients outgoing speed to 80% of your lines total max outgoing.
    Thus giving you a descent outgoing speed depending on the isp. As well as a good incoming speed.

    Youll notice with alot of isps that that faster you send outgoing the slower you receive incoming.

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    i advice u to use UTORRENT..
    90% of the times i download the max of my download speed..

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    Try to limit the upload speed, check your firewall, check NAT (if you use a rooter), change to μTorrent.


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