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Thread: Need Help Regarding Windows Me Instal.

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    May 2003
    London, UK
    I currenlty own a full retail version of Windows XP Pro...
    however I seem to prefer windows me to xp. I have downloaded me and when I try to instal it; it tells me I can't run it on a 32bit blah..blah...
    I know I can't because I already have Windows XP running but how can I not have it running and still be able to instal it I have tryed burning it to a CD but it still don't work.
    Please help me.
    thanks, Darren.
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    Yeah, what he said!

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    I had the same problem!
    Dl'ed it off kazaa.
    Win ME OEM.
    You can Try what Balamm said.
    If you have a second HD you can extract ME OS to their then reformat C and run the ME Setup from DOS.
    Thats what I did because this comp had no cd burner at the time.


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