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Thread: What's Happening

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    I had nearly finished downloading a movie file and I selected the jump supernode option to try to speed up my download, when I went back to the traffic page my download had returned to the start again. Can someone suggest what happened to cause this.

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    It sounds like you jumped to a node where there were no sources.
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    This is a common problem with kazaa its a bug that still hasn't been fixed what it does is it tries to find a source that is simular to the file u are dling and thats why it resets to 0 it is a pain in the ass and I have broken 3 mouses becasue of it

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    Thanks adthomp for replying, its pretty frustrating to see over 600,000 kb of download dissappear, which has taken 2days to get. I thought these things only happened to me.

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    Happened to me too, thank god I take anger management classes..


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