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Thread: Friendly Versions Of Matrix2

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    Ok i found a good site to dl from but the movie is 2 gigs big... the site is

    Ok now my question the 2 gig download that it gives you is 3 bin's and 3 cues's,

    People tell me to burn to a cd but the bin's are much much too big, so this is where i am stuck should i use VCDgear? or i dunno what ealse to do with them if you could tell me how to put them on a cd that would be FANTASTICK!!!

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    First, keep Matrix stuff in the Matrix threads. We don't need 100 threads like this. Filesize isn't important, just burn the BIN/CUE to disk. It will fit, this is a very common practice.
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    it is not working

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    i dont know if it makes the quality anyworse but i had the same problem, so i just used vcdgear, turned them into MPEG's then used Nero to put them onto cd's


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