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Thread: So Whats The Difference?

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    OK i know that with corporate edition you dont need to activate anything but is there a performance difference between the two ??

    My version of xp pro is 2002. Im just curious about this i always have.

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    Feb 2003
    Pro u need an activation thats ablut the only difference I know

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    Apr 2003
    They are both the same. The only difference is that the Corporate Edition can be installed on more than one PC. It doesn't require any activation.

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    the corp edtion you cant change serial number using the good method that comes with xp changer without fooking it up, as the oobe command is blocked out on corp edtion

    so the corp is 1 serial number and doesnt need to be registored also updates, unlike the pro edtion wich your going to keep changing the serial number for every update you collect from $MS.


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