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Thread: ODR still up and running?

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    Hello all

    does ODR still exists?
    someone just remindet me of this tracker, and i dont know what has happened to it ... is it closed or?

    some info regarding it would be great


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    seems that this site is dead

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    The site was having issues with someone hacking it and deleting alot of stuff.
    The owners dont really seem to know how to code or run a site for that matter. They do strongly beleive in keeping the site running though.
    I have been helping them for about a week now. Just when I was getting the source up and running their server erked or something happened to it.
    We are working on figuring out what exactly happened to the new server at the moment. Once the servers back online should only be a few days for the rest of the code changes to take place before the sites back up and running. Thats if theres no more setbacks

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    ODOR? smells fishy to me


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