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    please i just wanna know what's meant by this name R5 is it a dvdrip xvid or dvdscr or what ? thx for help ...

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    Note on R5/TC's

    Over the past 6 months the major movie studios have been releasing
    retail dvds early in Russia.They do this to stop the widespread
    use of pirated telecines (which were once very common).Lately
    however there has been very few real telecines, most of the scene
    telecines you see are actually R5 retails.
    R5 retail is rushed out by the studio, they are basically competing
    with pirates, so there is little to no cleanup of the film after the
    telecine process.So the main difference between telecines put out
    by the pirates is that the r5's are done using pro equipment,
    professional studios and professional people.The quality of R5
    retail is very similar to dvdscr's, no time is usually spent cleaning
    up dvdscrs either.

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    Thanks Trancelover , very useful information have you provided .

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    If you want to compare quality it's:

    DVDRip > R5 > Screeners > TS > Cam

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    The rip has been altered to fit DVDR5 media.

    R5 refers to single layer DVD media (4.7GB DVDR).

    As opposed to R9 which is dual layer.


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