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Thread: Rar Files are freezing up my computer!!!

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    Can anyone help me on this one, I've downloaded some files off of newsleecher(files.r00, .r01.....) now I can open it in winrar, but when it's extracting and get's to a certin file say files.r45 my computer freezes right up, and there is nothing i can do about it. I get even bring up the task manager with ctrl-alt-del. this has happend with quite a few files that have downloaded as of late. is there somekinda virus going around????????

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    Have you checked the archive integrity with the sfv file?

    You could try deleting the archiving from say part 44 onwards, or even just part 45, and redownload it from a duplicate set of files posted by a different poster. I have sometimes had corrupted archives which i just delete the corrupted parts and either redownload it from the same archive set or from another one.

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    that's the thing, I can't even delete the file because as soon as I click on the file or try to highlight it, my computer instantly freezes up. I can't do nothing to that file.

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    Try deleting it in safe mode?

    Also, does it seem to extract slower than normal? If it's taking a really long time to extract then it could be a sign that your harddrive is dying.

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    Tried that. same result. it just freezes right up. when it is extracting, it extracts normal, execpt when it gets to a certin file, then it just freezes right up. I can move the mouse pointer around but that's it. nothing else works, like it's dead in the water. I've been seeing alot of these files as of late. it's like ever other thing i download has this kind of bug. unless it's my computer.

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    If you;ve been getting a lot of these files I would suspect its your hard disk more than anything else. Have you tried running CHKDSK or similar to look for bad areas etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aktiv8 View Post
    If you;ve been getting a lot of these files I would suspect its your hard disk more than anything else. Have you tried running CHKDSK or similar to look for bad areas etc?
    If this doesn't work, i highly recommend that you also look into pulling up the par2 recovery files. You never mentioned checking to see if the files can be recovered if that .r45 file is corrupt.

    Your system freezing up when ever you do "anything" w/ that one particular file is what seems really odd. i would look into possibly simply deleting that entire directory itself and re-downloading the collection again but try looking for a different poster.

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    Well it must have been somthing with my computer. I was able to delete the entire directory no problem. I was even able to redownload the same files, but this time there were no errors. that was on e of the wiredest things that i have had to del with. Thanks for all your help guys. it is much apprechated.


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