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Thread: New member needs your help

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    Hi Guys

    I have a question i'm sure you can answer. I have been using Limewire for about 5 years now but have noticed that the content has been dropping over time and that there's hnot much other than porn (seen one seen them all) on it. I am a Mac user so it's Mac stuff I'm after but mst of the sites I have found only have PC stuff (software, games etc) on them. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good Mac flie sharing site.

    Thanks guys, nice site by the way, very helpful


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    my gotta quiet limewire..or at list keep it for downloading single songs....majority of ppl in this website have alredy moved to bittorrent (and by bittorrent i mean mostly private trackerS) you can download mac stuff from here ""
    or if you lucky enough some one here will invite you to "oink" there you ll find alot of mac stuffs...

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    Thanks mate for your help, very much appreciated


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    i think there was a torrent mac site called brokenstones or something..2 lazy 2 search
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    oink is very good for max stuff and pisexy has some stuff too. just keep your eye open for signups. good luck.


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