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Thread: Can't find torrentbytes

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    Question Mark

    As Title says. I can't find
    I know they had a dns issue earlier.
    And I've added these to the host file months ago:

    Worked fine many months.. 3 weeks ago I lost my internet. Then I got a new router etc.. As far as I have seen, everything but the url works..
    online gaming, surfing, e-mail, downloading, uploading.. everything except this site.

    I NEED this site

    Anyone know what I should do?
    I can't use the old router anymore, and the guys that deliver internet to my home can't help me they say. So I guess it's all up to me and the help I can get here.
    Any suggestions?

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    That is the URL I am trying to get to.. But doesn't work at all. Can't find the page.

    For me it just seems like my ISP is blocked or I'm having a DNS problem.. I don't know a clue about DNS so I can't tell.

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    Vladdus, if its dns, go to google, type OpenDNS
    Follow their instructuions
    It will replace your isp's dns with a public dns, worked for me when my isp started blocking torrent sites.

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    Oh, I found one solution. You all know the lines
    we added into the file hosts?
    If you remove those now, the page will work again.


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