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Thread: Anyone with oink+upload please look here

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    Hi, this may well be my last request. I need an Oink account, with the biggest buffer I can get. I don't mean a 200Gb buffer, just a few GB or I get offered. If I consider it worth it I will take it.
    I'm offering basically all the sites I have (probably not a whole lot for FST)
    Please PM me offers
    Thanks, here goes:

    Fresh accounts:
    Czone (level 6)
    RTS (both sites- Runn!ngTheScene+RespectTheSeed)
    SCN+3 invites

    Other: 6GB+ buffer
    TorrentLeech 75GB+ buffer (PU +4 invitations) 5GB buffer 4GB buffer
    TTi 50GB buffer

    I'll use a middleman here for a trade. Thanks

    enjoy your day


    There have been some misunderstandings here...I need 1 oink account. I am giving all of the stuff on the list to one person, with the highest oink buffer.
    Anything that person does not want will be given away on this site for free.
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