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Thread: Downloading Safe

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    great job chap

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    One VERY REAL problem with the being-spied-on by MPAA/RIAA/BSA while using Kazaa is the ip addresses Peer Guardian is blocking don't always match up with the shell companies' ips MPAA/RIAA/BSA is using to spy on us.

    There are many internet websites that can link an ip address with the company who controls it, but oftentimes these shell companies are hidden behind their parent ISP, so only the parent ISP shows up.

    And it doesn't make much sense to block all of AOL for instance (not that this is a terribly good example...)

    So until more people get up-to-speed on the subject and actually start looking for odd ip connections (ips in ranges that many WHOIS sites cannot recognize), we may just have to live with a certain amount of risk.

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    What about evidence eliminator???? Thats also a great program??

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    No it's not.


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