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Thread: Bitmetv help

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    my account at Bitmetv has been disabled for some reason and i do not know why,
    for the last 1 day i was uploading for more then 10 torrents and have uploaded at least 20GB... i have a dedibox so speeds are not a problems.
    but still i came back this morning and noticed that the account has been disabled.
    i tried contacting them in irc (they have a help channel their) but after i got in to that channel, i cannot post a massage becuase i need to be a +V, but how can i be if they will not do it....
    thats too bad, i really liked that account... can anyone help? anybody know how can i get it resolved?
    thanks in advanced.

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    leeter BT Rep: +2
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    Maybe you were considered a cheater for fast uploading, I think.

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    nihility's Avatar Im not the c0ps loll BT Rep: +3
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    wait in irc help until you get voice (+v) that means they are ready to help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by efegimitch View Post
    wait in irc help until you get voice (+v) that means they are ready to help you
    thanks, i talked to them....
    first let me say ...i think the suck... my isp was blocked by their site and i could not get in to the site so i used a proxy... and they just deleted my account for that no questions ask no worning no nothing.... they can try and help by given me a worning about it....
    well thanks for you help man :-)...
    i will try and get an invite from someone...

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    What's BitMeTV IRC again?

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    dont try to get another invite because the same thing will happened, your account will be disabled and your invitee will most likely lose his invites.
    if they block your isp just go to the next site theres plenty of sites that offer tv content maybe they're not as stylish as bitmetv but they can bring u the sh*t u wanna watch

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    ok, thanks a good ID...

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    asher78 had you read the rules or not?

    "Can I use the site from behind a proxy?
    If the site can see your real IP address you may use a proxy.
    Any other proxy is not allowed, and will result in your account being immediately disabled."

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    Depends on the proxy you use, they obviously don't ban people for accessing the site through a seedbox for example. The rest of us don't deserve anonymity.


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