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Thread: BitMeTV

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    Nighthunter's Avatar Reasonable BT Rep: +1
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    Nov 2006
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    Hello is it possible to get a free invite to bitmetv?
    I'm taking care of my accounts and there wont be any problems.
    I really want the site because of the special shows that's uploaded there and all the documentaries. Please someone.

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    uvbull's Avatar ÚjpestFC FAN BT Rep: +5
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    May 2007
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    give for me 3 today's ratio picture and a speedtest in pm

    I want to see the name on the pictures,
    if I do not see the name totally and the informations, I do not get it then


    if he is 21:00 does not come pm you failed it then

    invites are empty....
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    Sorry For my Bad English


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