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Thread: Wmv-avi

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    What can I use for this ? I tried Stoik but had problems with it.

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    thts what i was lookin for 2. thks nw

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    thanks but i had errors with that. first telling me i needed to re-encode, then upon trying that telling me i needed microsoft media encoder 7.1 and i cant find a download link anywhere.
    anyone use anything else to convert ?

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    thank you kind sir

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    feel like such a minnie moaner but...
    upon encoding, i click convert to avi. the result appears as 5mins odd (original is arounf 4 secs) and there is no audio/video :/

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    Maybe you'll have better luck converting with this program...

    If you try it and the same thing happens, then there must be something screwy with that particular .wmv.


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