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Thread: Peerguardian Ip Database Attacked!

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    hmm. More and more I think I agree with notbob about the issue.
    Peer Guardian is probably trash.

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    hmm. More and more I think I agree with notbob about the issue.
    Peer Guardian is probably trash
    If it were really blocking "millions of residential users" how come I've seen no difference in the performace of kazaa and other P2P apps?

    How come I only see 1 or 2 IP addresses from each range being blocked if they are full of residential users? The guy who runs Peerguardian has 3 lists which he keeps updated. He recommends you use the smallest list where the ranges have been verified with more certainty.

    As for Peerguardian not being 100% successful. Can anyone think of a security application that is? Notbob also seems to be have a strong anti-P2P attitude.

    I for one can't see the benefit in aiding and abetting a bunch of petty criminals--do you think they would pay my legal bills? they aren't willing to pay for whatever they download, so why should i help them?
    Perhaps Peerguardian isnt all its cracked up to be, but this guy is hardly unbiased and his opinions should be viewed in an appropriate context.

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    notbob is an idiot- for one there are ppl adding "ranges" that suck ass that have nothing to do with meth's positive efforts and that's why some are complaining but they have no reason to coz they're being removed from the bulk update lists- meth will probably restrict access to adding ip ranges to a select few so that should take care of the problem- as for whether pg works it is a mini firewall which specifically monitors tcp/icp connections (not udp) and shuts down the listed anti p2p ip ranges and if you keep your guarding file updated you have a much better chance of avoiding a letter or whatever...meth never claimed it was the best system out there to block the fascists- perhaps notbob and the like should have read the pg article from

    as for me pg works but yeah if you imported those ips into your firewall you'd be better off- the other day pg stopped me from dl a bunch of bogus music files from overpeer so yes it does work...

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    Peerguardian works:- It's just the IP ranges need to be checked out before adding to the database. Recent databases blocked this forum, for instance. The submission of IP ranges is too open for abuse.

    Personally though, I don't see the point in running yet another background program when I can just load the IP ranges into my existing firewall.


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