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Thread: Can Someone Tell Me If This Is Absoulte Bs?

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    Feb 2003
    I heard from a m8 today that he read somewhere that there is going to be PS2 emulaters for X BOX this this total bullsh*t or is it for real???

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    auuuuuuhh not sure, i just heard xbox can run linux o/s and you can turn it into a pc.

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    well ive heard its real, and out now, but have not verified it myself yet so cant be 100% sure on that one. would be cool though.

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    this site claims it has a psx emulator for xbox, dont know where ps2 is , if it's real.

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    Man if they emulate the PS2 on my Xbox, my PS2 will make a great DVD player for trips LOL. I'll never play on the PS2 again!!!!
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    yeah you would still play it cause i can see this having alot of glitches and half of the games wont work... if theres one then it will be actually usefull in 10 years cause you will actually be playing with tolerable frame rates


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