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Thread: Pi*exy

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    My password suddenly stoped working and when i try to recover i get this:
    "The email address was not found in the database."
    What does this mean?

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    It means your hacker(if you're ever been hacked) changed your password and changed your email add also, for you not recover your account..

    ^^ however that is an assumption..

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    your account has most likely been deleted from the database or stolen, check to make sure you're entering the right e-mail address

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    Whats your user name there I can check and see whats up.... You can PM me if you want......They did also recently changed the login system .. The passwords for now are random w/ a pincode as well... Maybe clear your cokkies for the site and login fresh..
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    Same thing here i get hacked, someone change the Pass and the email address,
    cani get some help at the IRC Channel?


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