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Thread: Directors

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    Here r my fav directors...

    Peter Jackson - not for the Lord of the rings movies - for him being able 2 produce a good movie about any thing.. like bad taste - brain dead - Heavnley creatures...

    James Cameron - and 2 think this guy stared his carrer making Piranha II: The Spawning - he then made sum great movies - Terminator 1 -2 - aliens - True Lies -

    John Carpenter - This guy has made sum landmark movies - he is also great at doing movie music - his great movies r Halloween - Christine - The Thing - In the Mouth of Madness...

    David Fincher - My Favourite Director - He made - Fight Club - The Game - Panic Room - Se7en - ii just luv his work....

    lat but not least - Martin Scorsese (the gangster) - another director who has made sum landmark movies - Taxi Driver - Raging Bull - Goodfellas - Cape Fear (remake) - Casino...

    Their my fav directors iam sure i have mised sum other great directors out...

    but u tell me who your favs r ...

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    i'm prolly leaving out a bunch of great people, but these are the ones i can name off the top of my head. in no particular order--

    david cronenberg - videodrome, dead zone, crash, dead ringers, scanners...

    coen brothers - fargo, raising arizona, the big lebowski, hudsucker proxy...

    terry gilliam - brazil, 12 monkeys, time bandits, fear and loathing in las vegas...

    paul thomas anderson - magnolia, punch drunk love, boogie nights...

    david lynch - blue velvet, eraserhead, mulholland drive, twin peaks...

    stanley kubrick - 2001, a clockwork orange, the shining...

    paul verhoeven - robocop, total recall, starship troopers...

    quentin tarantino - reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, jackie brown...

    lars von trier - dancer in the dark, the idiots...

    ridley scott - blade runner, alien...

    werner herzog - nosferatu, fitzcarraldo, aguirre the wrath of god...

    jean-pierre jeunet - delicatessen, city of lost children, amelie...

    wes anderson - rushmore, royal tenenbaums, bottle rocket...

    sam raimi - evil dead, darkman, the quick and the dead, spider-man...

    john cherry - the entire jim varney "ernest" series

    takashi miike - ichi the killer, audition...

    milos forman - one flew over the cuckoo's nest, the people vs larry flynt...

    martin scorsese - taxi driver, goodfellas, THE KING OF COMEDY...

    roman polanski - rosemary's baby, chinatown, the ninth gate, the pianist...

    shinya tsukamoto - tetsuo the iron man, tokyo fist, bullet ballet...

    paul schrader - american gigolo, cat people, light sleeper, auto focus...

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    I would say Scorcese for the films you mentioned and Pedro Almadovar, for Todo Sobre Mi Madre (all about my mother) and Hable con ella (talk to her) - the 2 best foreign films ive seen - great director.
    Tarantino as well - love his films.

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    3RA1N1AC u picked sum good directors -

    i luv milos forman i think he's great how could i forget about him...

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    A few of mine are:

    George A Romero - Night of the living dead trilogy and other good horror movies.

    Stephen Spielberg - Well, we all know who this guy is.

    James Cameron - see MetroStars' post.

    Sam Raimi - see 3RA1N1AC's post.

    Mel Gibson - Braveheart, plus he's just such a good actor.

    Peter Jackson - Braindead kicked a$$!

    Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho, North By Northwest Vertigo, Notorious

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    What about Woody Allen? I think Manhattan is one of his greatest.

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    i would have to say steven spielberg as well. i always used to think he tries to cater to the lowest tastes (big special effects, sentimental and paper-thin stories-- see E.T., Jurassic Park, Hook, Saving Private Ryan), but he's made at least a few movies that make me respect him as a director who is able to make "art" when he wants to-- A.I., Minority Report, Jaws, Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

    heck, even Catch Me If You Can was pretty good.

    oh, and tim burton. there's something sort of distracting about how carefully calculated his "cute gothic" movies are, as if consciously trying to monopolize on a certain niche... but movies like beetlejuice, edward scissorhands, ed wood, sleepy hollow and mars attacks are all really entertaining none-the-less.

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    Originally posted by bilbo4987@17 June 2003 - 05:47
    What about Woody Allen? I think Manhattan is one of his greatest.
    AGREED. woody allen has gotten into a rut for the past several years (upper middle class white/jewish new yorkers have midlife crisis or something to that tune), but movies like Manhattan and Annie Hall were really terrific before he turned it into a formula. still, even his worst is better than a lot of people's best.

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    Quentin tarentino is an awsome director and a good actor

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    Quentin tarentino is an awsome director and a good actor
    yes hes my fav director but i dont agree that his acting is good!!

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