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Thread: Xbox Or Gamecube?

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    what u lot recommend a xbox or gamecube?

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    May 2003
    Xbox, Defiently...More powerful, more longtevity, more features, and the games are much more mature then Gamecube, although Gamecube has one or two "Adult" games like Resident Evil etc

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    If it's between the two, yes definitely Xbox as the Gamecube is design around the childern of today. More of a childrens machine if you ask me, with a minimal amount of Adults action style games.

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    so what if the gamecube aint got to many "adult" games, at least the games it has are good.

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    xbox has more power better graphix and way better online playing plus the hard drive

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    wid the hardrive does any1 no how big it is?

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    Originally posted by monkeyhead@17 June 2003 - 18:49
    wid the hardrive does any1 no how big it is?
    standard xbox hdd is 8gig
    however, you can fit up to 200gig

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    what do u use the hardsik 4?

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