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Thread: Best Newsgroup site for requests

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    Hi guys, does anyone know a site that will do requests? I have been looking everywhere for lost season 1 and 2 DVD box sets, anyone know a good place to request them?


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    In your hard drive
    lost season 1 and 2 DVD was last posted on a.b.boneless about a month ago
    you could try asking for a repost there!
    the headers where = Scharry post FTD ###### Lost

    #######= the FTD numbers to many to list here sorry!
    but armed with this info you might be still able to find it and D/L

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    The best places for requests are probably the IRC channels on EFNet.

    Open/download mIRC and connect to EFNet and join some of these:



    Those channels all allow requests, some channels our bigger than others


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