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Thread: Question About Uploading

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    i bought a new USB hardrive with 200 gigs dedicated to kazaa. i put almost 80 gigs of music, videos, and software i have collected during the last 5 months i have used kazaa lite. but i have 1 prob. i leave my comp on all night so i can share my files, but no one seems to be uploading from me. do i need to unblock a certain port so ppl can upload from me, or is it just my firewall?

    help me


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    The ports used by Kazaa for uploading are 80, 1214, 2000s, 3000s. Your firewall should allow you to configure access by Kazaa. Except for 80, you can't change the ports used for uploading.

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    What firewall are you using?

    Have you checked to see if Port 80 is blocked?


    Klite version?

    Help us to help you.

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    OHH, i made my firewall unblock those ports.



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