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Thread: Little Giveaway

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    It's time for another giveaway, nothing special but I'm sure it can be put to good use.

    2x BiT-HDTV (anyway194)
    20x DigitalHive (anyway194)
    3x Templateshares


    1. Post a ratio proof of some private tracker, one is enough.
    2. For the BiT-HDTV invite, you also need to post a speedtest that shows your upload speed is at least ~ 500kbit/s. Sorry for this rule but I deemed it necessary as some people were too greedy for highdef movies with too slow connections - bad combination
    3. First come, first served.

    Edit: after being invited to Templateshares by desiKing, I got my own three invites to spare.
    Last edited by Daniel; 07-24-2007 at 03:05 PM.

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    nice giveaway.
    Rent this space


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