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Thread: DVD Burning what is Audio DTS ?

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    I was burning a DVD with Dvdshrink and I noticed an Audio file called DTS.
    Normally they are AC3.

    Does anyone know what a DTS file is or does ?




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    DTS is a type of audio just like AC3/Dolby Digital...

    Dolby Digital has better quality and has a smaller file size than DTS,
    but I'd advice that you check your DVD player for which of the two audio types it supports and just rip the one that is supported.

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    While what fstrulz states is true, your DVD player has nothing to do with it. Although, you must have an digital output(optical or coaxial) to feed the signal into
    your receiver. (as is the case with AC3/Dolby Digital, which are one in the same)
    DTS, Digital Theater Sound, isn't necessarily better, it's just another form of surround sound. The audio receiver
    you use must be able to decode it to get the full effect.
    It won't, however, affect whether you will hear sound or not.
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