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Thread: Peer Guardians

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    I'm new to this (this excuse will star to wear thin&#33 so what are they, where do I get one and how should i use it?

    V. grateful for all your help!

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    get Peerguardian 1.97 at this place and i already made a post of over 700 million ips and such in another post that also tells u how to add the ips.

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    PeerGardian is a program that stops IPs within given ranges from connecting to your PC.

    Although handy in theory, there are a lot of innocent IPs going to be killed as well, as the Studios/Police/Government Agencies given.

    The link above gives the program, and main database.. and an even more extensive list of IP's is posted Here

    There are a lot of posts re: Peergardian in this Forum.

    Question Answered, Links given.


    An It Harm None, Do What You Will


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