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Thread: Tabit

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    anyone have the key file for Tabit 1.6 or any version?

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    check out my site in two minutes!!!

    ok, here you go mate, added it and your username can be anything.

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    Thanks but that doesn't work. You need a .rgk or .key file to register the new version.

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    ya, help me out, i need the new crack

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    hey i got a crack for the old version if you want it

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    yeah I do. do you have the old version to go with the key?

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    ya i do, you want me to post it in sig2dat or whatever?

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    Did u do a crack/serial checkup?

    search for it at:

    then do an advanced search on the stuff (may take time..)

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    yeah opiv si there any way you could email to the address i provided, or the hash would be good

    do you have aim?

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    opivykid plz respond and email it to me

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