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Thread: i am asking for a free dark side invite

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    hey all

    my name is doron, i am a member is fst for 2 mounth+ i know its not much. in evry tracker that i am i am keeping a good ratio (more then 1.0).

    i heard about the great tracker of dark site, and i want to take part of it. i promise i will not trade not cheat with the invite, and i promise that if i get invites in the acc i will giveaway them here or give 1 invite back to the one that invite me.

    i got alot of ratio proof from great trackers (czone,thors,pt,db)..
    and i got seed box so i can take a good care of the acc....

    i hope someone will invite me

    ty in advance

    and have a great day (good is not enough )

    i forgot, if you can bump it,will be great thing.
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    this man deserves it

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    agreed, PM me an email.

    Any other PMs will be deleted, without fail.

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    SgtMajor you are a good person


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