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Thread: Say hello to free directory assistance

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    Don't know if this is the correct place to put this and if it is considered advertising, but I think this is a great tid bit for members here that reside in the United States.

    Also, this may be old news and lots know about it but lots may not. I just signed up for it and it is great for me as I am in the transportation business and I use 411 many times and my cell phone provider charges me $1.75 per info call.

    Search by Phone

    Simply dial 1-800-FREE411 and get the listing you need for free. Itís just like 411, only better because it doesnít cost anything. So who pays, you ask? Our advertisers do. And should you be interested in one of their great offers, weíll connect you free of charge.

    Search by Internet

    Want to look online? No problem. At, youíll get the most accurate residential and business listings on the Web. Thatís because we use the same real-time data as the phone companies.

    Website Signup:
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    that's old news, and stale over here. i'm almost tired of it now.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    Yeah, the fuckin Americans get everything handed to them on a platter and we get jack shit.

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    There's this awesome new thing that's out that does the same thing: a phone book. Crazy, right?


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