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Thread: Audio Books

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    I have been trying to download some books - but need some help. How big is a normal size book? They seem huge foir what they are!

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    Audio Books are usually quite big, and their size can range from 100MB to 500MB (sometimes more, like 1GB)

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    yeah, the harry potter book 9book 50 is 1.4GB, im dling it now

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@2 July 2003 - 17:42
    yeah, the harry potter book 9book 50 is 1.4GB, im dling it now
    It's big because of 128 kbps bitrate

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    yea, sure is.

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    ugh 128 is the highest i'd go for an audio book. 64 the lowest. although i prefer 128 because i'm not too worried about space on my hdd or my iaudio x5 60gb. I absolutely can't stand audio books that have that white noise in the background. an annoying voice ruins an audio book for me. i have a 32 kb one and it sux bawlzzzz
    lol like you guys care what i think


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