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Thread: Winrar

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    (Winrar)Full registered version....???

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    why the full registered version is it too much to install it every 40 days or so.
    Why dont you try searching on astalavista for it thats where i got mine from

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    im too lazy to install it every 40 days

  5. Software & Hardware   -   #4
    This is not the newest but it works good


  6. Software & Hardware   -   #5
    dude..if you search for it on kazaa it comes up with abunch if stuff...

  7. Software & Hardware   -   #6
    I dont trust Kazaa...I might though

  8. Software & Hardware   -   #7
    Once you download it BE sure to scan it for viruses.. Most of the files are good in kazaa.. I have got a lot of stuff in here...

  9. Software & Hardware   -   #8
    i got my version of winrar off works great...


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