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Thread: The Sims Resource

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    Oct 2002
    843 has lots of great objects for the sims but you need to pay to download.
    i was wondering is there another way to get around paying?
    ie. a site that has the same objects for download for free or a password?

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    May 2003
    Well, I know you didn't used to have to pay - a couple years ago. lol, I downloaded several thousand things from there but I haven't been there in a while. If I were you, I'd check out www.thesims.coms list of fansites with downloads. You will not be able to find all the SR downloads anywhere, because SR keeps them under lock and key, understandably. Also, I'd use google to search for fansites. There are many others that are free and have good quality downloads. Good luck and happy simming.

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    Just in case you didn't know....
    The best site for skins ever would be BNJ x LVR.
    Awesome stuff, especially heads.

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