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Thread: Which Player Do You Use

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    im wondering which player most of you use. there are a lot out there and im having a tough time deciding.


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    May 2003
    Northern part of The Netherlands
    Specify player
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    good question.. im currently using BS player ( just downloaded it ) and am new to using a player at all for anything. i guess what im looking for is the name of a good download player to play recorded music that will easily let me burn them to cd.

    make sense?

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    man@war's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2003
    real one player

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    Apr 2003
    This Cold World
    Well if you just want to view, listen to music & movies from your computer use BSPlayer which you get with the K Lite codec pack. Or use Windows Media Player the normal one. Also if you want to be able to burn disc's and all that "easily" use Windows Media Player 9 Series I think it comes with a Roxio plugin that let's you burn music easily but the plugin is shareware and only let's you burn at 2x. I have also heard that for burning RealOnePlayer is alright but don't use it to watch, listen to music use the one's I have suggested or others whichever you like & suits you.

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    clocker's Avatar Shovel Ready
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    Mar 2003
    To listen I use WinAMP.
    To watch I use either VideoLan or WMP9.
    To burn I use Roxio EZCD Platinum.
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    Out of The Ordinary
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    Feb 2003
    Music > WinAmp
    Movies > Windows Media Player


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    bluedevil's Avatar Antileech.Inc
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    i do it all on wmp9

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    Nothing compares to QCD Quintessentiol Player. NOTHING. Until you use it you won't know.

    Very small amount of processor use, very nice sound quality, a billion plug-ins, no spyware, fully skinnable.

    I've tried them all and nothing s as good as QCD. Anyone tells you any different they're on acid or some shit.

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