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Thread: Fake Mp3's Plaguing Kazaa

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    I got a question for well, anyone who can answer it.. lol.

    Why do certain mp3 files turn out to download fine (size included) then when u try to play back the mp3, it only plays part of the song then stops.. all of the mp3 is downloaded though... is this some sort of copyright protection? Its bogus and i think i hate it...... sometimes i will download 5 versions of the same song from different users and it always happens.. If this is the copyright holders way of trying to stop file sharing with certain artists... its workin and that just sucks..... Music should be free and available to all. The more people that can listen, the more music is spread and that should be the general idea. Appeal to as many people as u can, and earn as many listeners as possible. Or else, why bother becoming a musician..?? Just my few pennies.. feel free to post yours.

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    Jun 2003
    Most musicians dont care about the number of listeners...they care about the number of cash they make. I have never got a fake mp3 ( lucky me ) but maybe something is wrong with the .dat file...i dont really have a clue but delete them i guess.

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    this is rare i have never heard of fake mp3's oh well i gues the riaa will try anything

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    fake mp3s have been goin on for at least a year (that i know of personally) the overpeer inc ip ranges from peerguardian have closed out a number of connections for me so i didn't have to find out they were bogus...

    (media defender inc is another firm like overpeer inc that spreads bogus mp3s)

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    yea. i found that happened on a bunch of songs i tried to get. playes 30 seconds and it died. i just got the shit off of irc (luckily someone had it on fserve) and havent had a problem since. that was about 2 months ago.

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    Feb 2003
    theres always been fake mp3's around its nothing new ive had quite a few especially with new album

    if you want real music then use soulseek or other less popular file sharing networks that arent really targeted by the RIAA

    also preview them, it only takes me 15seconds to download an mp3 so i aint too bothered about fakes,if the riaa think im gonna go out and buy the album just cuz i got a few fakes then they better think again B)

    fuck Derby County

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    yeah, got one maself last nite, kosheen, it just played about 20 secondes, then kept repating, ma girlfriend has got a few like this too.
    i think its to piss you off, by spreading fake files, to make u think there isnt any real ones, so you go buy the actual song.

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@5 July 2003 - 16:41
    this is rare i have never heard of fake mp3's oh well i gues the riaa will try anything
    lol, you have NEVER heard of fake mp3's on kazaa?? they are everywhere like one quarter of stuff on kazaa is fake

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    Dec 2002
    exactly but search 4 like a pimp and everysong is fake?!!!!


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