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Thread: how do anti-cheating scripts work

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    magister's Avatar Melancholic BT Rep: +5
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    May 2006
    It's the second time I get disabled from a big tracker for (alledgedly) cheating, while I don't even have an idea of how this is done.
    I was wondering how anti-cheating scripts work and how many false positives do they get.

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    Oct 2006
    Tell me what tracker you got disabled at.
    If its OiNK then fuck it i can't help you. Any other tracker, than i could probally get you the IRC. Don't ask me how they work, i have no idea, they are all different i suppose.

    Although i believe this thread may somewhat lead to a bit of discussion since asking how anti-cheat scripts work would destroy the whole point of them..if you get what im saying.

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    optimus_prime's Avatar Guardian BT Rep: +2
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    Feb 2007
    talk to admins of the tracker, it won't be hard to prove you are wrongfully accused.

    as for scripts, they are custom made, so the real inner workings are known to coders only, and as for general principles of catching cheaters i don't think revealing them here can bring any benefit whatsoever.


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