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Thread: Annie Lennox Problem

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    I have download Annie Lennox Bare 3 times now, from different sources and all I get is: No More I love You.....HUH!!??

    Has anyone else had this problem??!!

    thanks B)

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    those files are called "fakes", i had same problem 3 months ago thinking thinking those were advance copies....
    It should be easy to get real 1's now(i did), just use the "auto search more" box(do u have newest kazaa? with that option?), let it go for 15 minutes or so, then organize the results by tapping the top of the "bandwidth" or "quality" columns in your searchfield, then b selective about which files u dwnld. (high bandwidth=fast d'load, high quality USUALLY more reliable. ;)

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    Isn't this nice newbies helping newbies. What a great place this is


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