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Thread: Verified Game Lists On The Kazaa Lite Website

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    Shaolin monk
    If I needed to download a game I used to check out the verified files on the kazaa lite website. But this list is no longer updated so its kind of risky downloading the games now as most of them would turn out to be fake. So to the guys on kazaa lite can you please update the website with verified game files. Thanks.

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    jetje's Avatar former star
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    Sep 2002
    What about checking the verifieds in here..?!

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    most of the verifieds need more sources though... we should have two sections of verified hashes, one for if you created the game, and another if you downloaded off kazaa...

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    iamtheoneandonlyone's Avatar Andromeda Ascendant
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    May 2003
    Andromeda Galaxy
    I don't like the games Verifieds have. The games that are on this board are better than those on Verifieds I must say.


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