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Thread: need help from romanians

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    Living on the edge BT Rep: +4
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    can any one from romania plz help in translating this and help in

    Test de limba romana:
    Ce cuvant de 6 litere completeaza secventa:
    Eu invitam, Tu invitai, El ...

    plz help

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    Romanian language test:
    What 6 letter word follows the sequence:
    i was inviting,you were inviting,he...

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    well due to the amount of retarded people joining the romanian trackers , and soon after getting kicked because of the low iq, more serious users always start to joke about an iq test before signing up ,so the n00b's be kept out. Never really thought they would go this far and implement one

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    Everybody's a noob in the beginning.


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