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Thread: Help! On Installing A Dvd Rom

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    ok im stupid i tried installing it but never seems to work dont know what to do help plzzz

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    You have to add it to the BIOS before windows will see it. Hit either F1 or DEL whichever is appropriate and add it in the HDD detection screen.

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    Check the BIOS to just verify that the DVD is present. It may show up as a CDROM, but that is normal.

    If have a new computer, the BIOS should be automatic. Some PentiumIIs, most PentiumIIIs and almost all Pentium4s have auto-detect in the bios. So you shouldn't have to adjust anything in the BIOS.

    Make sure that your existing CDROM has the jumper set on MA (master) and that the DVDrom jumper is on SL (Slave). Actually, it doesn't matter which one is the slave or master.


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