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Thread: Bitorrent Help

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    I've been getting the unable to connect to tracker error on all my downloads all day long. The files downloaded fine yesterday with great speed, but nothing downloads today. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

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    Too many are connected to the torrent you have chosen to download.
    Thats why it wont connect.

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    for all six of my downloads?

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    If you are using suprnova,there is a problem with some peoples connections at the moment.They seem to think its to do with some peoples ISP.

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    Thanks. I don't think they are right in thinking it's peoples ISPs though. If that many people are having problems with it then it's probably their servers.

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    apparently it is a problem with british telecom's isp blocking that ip addy.

    this is the isp i use so a stongly worded letter has already been sent to them asking why? i think it will be time to move isp soon if this ban is not lifted quickly.

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    I seriously doubt that the reason he cant connect though, the tracker at the moment was probablly full.

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    Check out torrent spy. Its really usefull for this sort of problem.

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