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Thread: I'm New To This?

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    i have bittorent how do you actually resume downloads plz help

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    find where ur ptc folder is,open it and u will see 2 folders one caled torrents and one called ptc,open the torrents one and u will see icons with the names of whatever file u were downloading,just double click it and it should open bit torrent and it wil recheck what u have downloded so far then it should try and resume the download,hope this helps

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    Originally posted by sxc_ant@10 July 2003 - 20:59
    i have bittorent how do you actually resume downloads plz help
    You can goto the website where you got it and click on the torrent link again. Or, a good trick is to right-click on the torrent link and select Save-As to your HD. Torrent files are only 50-100K. That way whenever you need to restart/continue, you don't need to goto the website to start it because one day, you'll find a lot of torrent sites tend to go down or suffer denial of service attacks.


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